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AI-powered curation of fast-evolving R&D insights and competitive landscape across the biopharma value chain

Deriving insights from a variety of public data sources is critical for faster drug discovery and development

Knowledge graph depicting Patent, Researcher, Research Publication, Org, News Item, Therapeutic Target etc. and relationships such as author, refers to, mentions, assigned to, affiliated to, developed/licensed by …
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Are Google searches yielding poor results for your scientific queries?

Are Pubmed searches and alerts producing too many results you don’t have time to dig through?

Do you find it difficult to keep track of and mine insights from clinical trial designs and readouts of competitors and partners?

If yes, you are not alone.

High-throughput science (HTS) is producing knowledge and insights at a pace that is not easy to keep up with, even for specialists. COVID has also resulted in a big spike of investments into biopharma ventures, resulting in a very competitive marketplace. Winners of this era will be those who learn how to systematically tackle these challenges.

Aganitha Knowledge Hubs leverage AI to tackle the challenges of information and data overload, providing automatically and continuously curated solutions for the following subject areas

  • Competitive intelligence covering: Investments, Financials, Product and tech announcements, preclinical and clinical trial designs, progress and readouts, regulatory applications and actions, IP filings and grants, partnerships, and supply chain intelligence
  • Research and Clinical data specific to disease areas (such as Oncology and rare diseases) and therapeutic categories (such as cell and gene therapies, RNA therapies, mAbs, vaccines and adjuvants) covering: Published research and preprints, conference presentations and transcripts, public datasets, patent applications and grants, news releases, tweets, other social media posts announcing trials, results, applications, approvals and other regulatory actions
  • Master data services to disambiguate, resolve and integrate: interventions, indications, studies and organizations
Our Solution

Knowledge Hubs for Competitive Intelligence and Research & Clinical Data

Knowledge Hugs - Research, Trials, Patents, News, and Tweets; AI powered NLP and Master Data Services; Rich UI and Visualizations; Continuous Integration into a Knowledge Graph
Aganitha Knowledge Hubs for Biopharma teams

Key components & strengths

Aganitha Knowledge Machine

Continuously crawling, mining, identifying, resolving, and linking biopharma entities into integrated knowledge graphs (KG)

Public data augmenting proprietary data

Combining public data with private data, with clear data provenance and data quality checks

Trial design analysis

Comparative analysis of endpoints, arm designs, inclusion/exclusion criteria, site selections and readouts to generate usable insights

Real-time alerts and personalization

Topic specific real-time alerts to call attention to developments that require attention and follow-up

State of the art technology and data architecture

Built with Knowledge Graph (KG), NLP, API, Visualization, and UI platforms deployable using Infra-as-code approach on any cloud supporting Kubernetes

Specialization on demand

Easily customizable to focus on an area of specialty, meeting specific needs of a team/audience



Discover continually evolving competitive landscape and R&D Insights faster with lower effort & costs

Mine information

Discover, mine, integrate and leverage fast-growing public data sources without significant additional expense on IT

Derive insights

Derive valuable insights from emerging research and trial data to improve your trial designs


Scale your competitive intelligence gathering without adding headcount

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