Product Manager

Join us and contribute to the discovery of medicines that will impact lives!

Hyderabad, India

About Aganitha

High-throughput experimentation, Computational & Data-driven modeling and the dawn of the Open Science era are dramatically changing how BioPharma researches, discovers and develops new therapeutics. Aganitha is co-innovating with global biopharma customers on next generation R&D.

As a Product Manager at Aganitha, you will develop new solutions and products, build on existing solutions in the fields of Omics, Structural and computational biology, computational chemistry and drive the growth and application of these solutions for novel therapeutic development in global biopharma. You would use your experience in life sciences in engaging with researchers in global biopharma space to understand the gaps and the needs of the market and guide the multidisciplinary teams at Aganitha to build them.

The Product Manager will use her/his life sciences experience to evaluate and identify the gaps and needs of the market. This person works with the multi-disciplinary teams at Aganitha to guide solutions and products from concept to launch and growth.

Aganitha (अगणित): “countless” or “limitless” in Sanskrit serves as a reminder and inspiration about the limitless potential in each one of us. Come join us to bring out your best and be limitless!

Key Responsibilities

  • Define and set the short-term and long-term vision and strategy for the solutions by understanding the stated and unstated needs of the customers and the market.
  • Develop and product manage a multi-year roadmap and align all the key stakeholders on the direction and development of the solutions
  • Conduct research on alternate and competitive solutions and draw insights.
  • Generate insights from interactions with scientists and leaders in global Biopharma to identify areas where in silico methods would have a significant impact
  • Develop a Go-To-Market approach for the solutions.
  • Support the marketing and sales teams in market outreach.
  • Represent and advocate for solutions in global biopharma industry events

Desired Skills / Expertise

Ph.D. in Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, and Cheminformatics (Life Sciences) with a growth mindset.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills are a must
  • Your knowledge and ability to prioritize will play a key role in being a successful Product Manager for Aganitha Solutions.
  • Prior experience in the Biopharma industry is a plus
  • MBA/PGDM is a plus.