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The biopharma industry is in the early stages of a dramatic transformation in how it operates, from the discovery of drugs to clinical trials to clinical operations. This creates an opportunity to develop a framework for rapidly identifying and bringing to market new treatments for diseases. The transformation is happening in three key areas: research and development, clinical trials, and clinical operations.

We refer to this as the computational transformation of biopharma processes. This digital transformation of the core business is important for the next generation of biopharma companies to succeed. The core drivers and capabilities that are key to this transformation include the ability to process large amounts of information (example: genomic data), automation of the information flows, and in silico modeling bringing together AI/ML, chemistry, and biology domains.

A few examples include:

  • Successfully managing in silico, in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo processes for optimal results
  • Engaging and automating dry lab and wet lab interactions for optimal results

Aganitha's Solutions

We have built strong core capabilities and solutions to help biopharma companies embrace the transformation rapidly. These are in the areas below, and are built on a cohesive reference architecture.

Organization and search of large amounts of information in data stores.

Orchestration of flows between systems and humans.

Orchestration of computational blocks (through technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes).

Biology domain and computational in silico models of the same.

Chemistry domain and computational in silico models of the same.


Reference Architecture and Platform

The following is Aganitha’s reference architecture and its building blocks: from computational infrastructure to pipelining to functional solution components for building Omics models, pipelines, and platforms.

Aganitha’s Reference Architecture and Platform Key Components - Foundation - Aganitha Omics Kube (AOK) on Cloud and HPC; Next layer: Omics pipeline stack (Broad Institute Hail, Cromwell, Trans-proteomic pipeline), Aganitha Data Manager (ADM), Aganitha Knowledge Machine; Next layer of functional solutions - Assembly/Alignment and variant calling, GWAS, PheWAS, EnvWAS, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Data Catalog and metadata, Knowledge Graphs
Aganitha’s Reference Architecture and Platform Key Components

Computational infrastructure and foundation

Designing, setting up, and managing large-scale high-performance computing infrastructure and automating the deployment of containerized applications. We provide a foundation necessary for executing data and resource-intensive AI/ML programs supporting lab assays

Pipelining frameworks and data management

From identifying the composition of a protein to accelerating drug discovery from a sample with industry-standard pipeline frameworks – genomics, next-generation sequencing, proteomics data analysis by creating a knowledge management framework

Omics solution components and knowledge graph

Assembling the genome with specific algorithms or aligning with the reference, associating a gene with a disease, identifying if the gene is translating into a protein, recognizing the constituents of the produced protein, understanding the metabolism when a drug is taken, and building data catalogs, metadata, and knowledge graphs

Target bio/cheminformatics solutions and knowledge hubs

Developing a variety of client-specific target solutions leveraging the solution components developed in the previous layers

Our Solutions

Antibody Engineering

Accelerating antibody discovery and high throughput antibody production with in silico solutions
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SMOL Drug Design

AI powered drug discovery platform for faster and cost-effective de novo small molecule design

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mRNA Platformn

In silico platform for biopharma scientists to design mRNA therapeutic candidates
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Virtual Screening

An AI powered drug discovery and development solution for biopharma R&D to rapidly screen millions of molecules for a target protein and identify promising ones for downstream assays
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GWAS Pipeline

Accelerate genomic analysis, target discovery, and drug discovery by efficiently interrogating WES datasets at biobank scale with a proven Genome-wide Association Studies (GWAS) pipeline platform
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Knowledege Hubs

AI-powered curation of fast-evolving R&D insights and competitive landscape across the biopharma value chain
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Omics Pipelining

An AI powered drug discovery platform – rapid, scalable, affordable, and managed enterprise-class Omics pipelining on HPC/Cloud as a managed service
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Reaction Modeling

Machine Learning powered computational chemistry methods to predict reaction yield
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Semantic Enrichment

A low code platform to quickly build semantic enrichment pipelines and meta data, helping faster and deeper informatics research
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