Services overview

Offering services in computational sciences and technology to complement biopharma R&D

Key Objectives

Biopharma R&D teams' key objectives from computational capabilities


Leverage in silico modeling and solutions to accelerate drug discovery and development and bring therapeutic drugs (SMOL and Biologics) faster to market.


Scale up and augment R&D by working with extended teams/service providers while keeping costs low.


Leverage AI/ML technologies to discover and design de novo drugs and reduce AEE (Avoidable Experimental Expenditure).


Develop computational solutions and building blocks that are reusable across therapeutic pipelines, and reduce the overall cost of R&D.


Enable scientists with intuitive data analysis visualization applications and frameworks leveraging modern UI technologies.


Enable accessible on-demand computational infrastructure to speed-up the processing of bioinformatics and cheminformatics pipelines while optimizing costs and minimizing dependency on technology teams to conduct computational experiments.

Our Services

We offer services in 3 main categories:


Computational Biology

We develop tools that accelerate our client’s research and development process. These solutions include our clients’ omics and single-cell omics analysis pipelines, capsid engineering for gene therapy, antibody design, etc. Our AI models, guided by in-house experts, continuously improve on the increasingly available data to provide more intelligent solutions

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Computational Chemistry

We develop in silico solutions to reduce Avoidable Experimental Expenditure (AEE) and accelerate drug discovery and development stages for Small Molecules (SMOL) and biologics. Our computational chemistry solutions include designing de novo molecules with generative models, predicting ADMET properties for SMOL and bRo5 compounds, and predicting reaction yields.

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Cloud & Infra

Technology and Cloud

We leverage technological advances related to Data, Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, and Cloud to develop high throughput computational biology and chemistry solutions. Our focus on developing solutions for straight-through processing, high performance, robustness, scalability, extensibility, and automation helps biopharma R&D teams to minimize manual effort and accelerate drug discovery and development processes.

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Our Strengths

Team & Experience

  • Multidisciplinary teams with blended experience in biology/chemistry sciences and computer technology
  • Strong academic background including PhDs and postgraduates in sciences and technology
  • Contemporary skills in data sciences, applications, and computing coupled with expertise in enterprise-grade rollouts & standards

Approach & Culture

  • Self-driven teams that can propose solutions given a high-level research or scientific problem statement or objective
  • Collaborate with R&D scientists in different streams by focusing on the problem and jointly designing solutions
  • Partnership driven mindset required to solve complex problems while focusing on automation and standardized documentation

Focus & Investment

  • Strong focus on providing services for biopharma R&D across drug discovery and development
  • Continuous investment in training, research, development, and infrastructure
  • Pro-actively developing solutions and customizable platforms that help our clients leverage our multidisciplinary skills and production-ready solutions

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