We are a team of IIT alumni with published papers, books, patents and experience in research. Industry veterans with prior experience of successful startups, managed thousands of employees, hundreds of million dollars of revenue, and worked with fortune 500 companies

An early AI researcher at IIT Bombay and Univ. of California, Vikram is a serial entrepreneur and founder of multiple silicon valley startups that were further scaled at global corporations. In his previous role, Vikram served as Corp. Vice President, Chief Technologist & Head of Enterprise Transformation business at HCL Technologies and managed a multibillion portfolio.

He holds several patents in the areas of Security and Data. As CEO of Aganitha, Vikram has been engaged with leading global biopharma to bring in innovations in molecular medicine.


A Ph.D. from Rice University specializing in Logic and Programming languages, Rama is an entrepreneur at heart focused on solving cutting edge problems. He works in the area of AI, ML, NLP, big and fast data. In his previous role as SVP and CTO for the Enterprise Transformation Services business of HCL Technologies, he played a key role in the 10 year growth from $20M/yr to $600M+/yr.

Rama has filed multiple patents, and co-authored the book SOA Security. He previously co-founded two companies, one of which was acquired by HCL. He built the first interconnected billing product, and sold to 17+ telecom operators.

Managing Director

A Masters in Robotics from Univ. of Illinois, Prasad (aka Chap) is on a mission to build a world-class multi-disciplinary team leveraging Genomics, AI and Cloud computing to accelerate BioPharma R&D globally. In his previous role as SVP and global delivery head for the Enterprise Transformation Services business at HCL Technologies, he managed a delivery team of 10,000+ and led the massive growth of the portfolio from $20M to $600M per year.

He has a proven track record of scaling teams, processes, and organizations in the areas of digital transformation across industries from pharma to banks to retail. Prasad has 3 patents in the areas of data, process, and resource management across different use cases & industries, has co-authored the book SOA Security, and is writing a book on AI/ML.