Accelerate drug discovery and development with in silico solutions

Aganitha partners with global pharma to bring novel medicines to market faster. Physics based chemistry, omics enriched biology, generative AI and tech innovations power our offerings.

Transforming biopharma R&D powered by deep science & deep tech

Aganitha is a new generation in silico company that integrates high-throughput sciences with deep learning-based generative models to solve complex drug discovery and development challenges.

Bringing a new drug to market takes $1-2B and 6-12 years. Advances in scRNA, multiomics, long read sequencing, structural biology, first principles based chemistry etc. now allows us to take far less time, at a lower cost and a higher probability of success.
Our services and solutions help drive this transformation with the following foundational elements.

Multiscale Systems Biology

Holistic understanding of target biology at multiple levels (molecular/cellular/tissue/systems) through GWAS and Omics analysis with gaps bridged by generative AI and combined with biomarker analysis

Better Chemistry

Design of novel or better SMOL and biologicals through integration of generative AI with quantum chemistry principles such as Density Functional Theory (DFT), Molecular Dynamics, Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) Modeling, etc.

Generative AI

LLMs built on protein and chemistry spaces allow us now to address many use cases of the pharma industry. Vastly expand search spaces with conditional generation for optimized ADMET properties, protein-protein interaction, protein function prediction, etc.

Wet lab and in silico virtuous loop for de novo design

Accelerate the design of SMOL and biological molecules by establishing in silico iterative models to predict and optimize physical, chemical, and biological properties in a virtuous loop with in vitro or in vivo data

Platform and Data Approach/Focus

Jumpstart the adoption of AI-powered in silico models with pre-packaged domain specific platforms and solutions for your use cases, with the ability to combine proprietary data with public data sets

Why Aganitha?

Leverage our experience and strengths to build transformational solutions in biopharma

Multi-domain skills

We have built a robust multi-domain team that combines their expertise in Biology, Chemistry, AI/ML, DevOps, and Cloud to develop valuable solutions for our customers

Deep Focus

We are deeply invested in the biopharma industry, continually developing solutions, frameworks, and building blocks across the drug research & development value chain

Solutions foundation

Our reference architecture and computational platform enable us to build high-quality solutions quickly, using DevOps to automate computing processes and leveraging cloud infrastructure for resource-intensive computing

Agile + Enterprise-grade

Our leadership team is hands-on and brings the required variety of expertise, experience, and management: start-up + enterprise mindset, technology + domain skills, and small team incubation + large team scaling

Client Centric

We make it easy for clients to engage with us in different projects while ensuring they retain Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Molecule licenses

Client teams: Research + Informatics

We work well with leaders and practitioners of biopharma companies’ research and informatics divisions while ensuring that role and department-specific objectives are met with technology, domain, and management approaches.

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