Fueling Innovation in Biopharma R&D

Enabling breakthroughs in drug discovery and development through deep sciences and deep tech collaboration

Our focus and approach to pharma R&D

Despite tremendous advances in scRNA, Omics, and gene data, areas of target biology and chemical spaces still need to be fully understood. Aganitha is a new generation in silico company that integrates high-throughput sciences with deep learning-based generative models to solve complex drug discovery and development challenges. Our approach focuses on deep sciences and deep tech collaboration and includes:

Multidisciplinary culture
Leveraging multidisciplinary teams with expertise in AI, deep learning, high-throughput sciences, and computational chemistry and biology to accelerate innovation
Therapeutic advancements
Applying advancement in modalities, including gene and cell therapies, mRNA/RNA, advanced antibody engineering, and ASO, to develop more precise and effective therapeutics

Wet lab augmentation with in silico techniques

Blending in silico techniques with wet lab approaches, using physics-based chemistry and first principles-based systems biology

Data driven discovery
Utilizing methods and techniques to handle data deluge (e.g., Omics) and data gaps (e.g., antibody data for AI/ML) to discover novel therapeutics

Disease Focus

We augment our customers’ R&D teams with our skills in structural biology, computational chemistry, and generative AI. We help in target identification and drug discovery for treating rare diseases, CNS, Immunology, Oncology, and other disease areas, improving patients’ lives worldwide.

Rare Diseases

Advancing therapeutics innovation by researching rare diseases and focusing on treating genetic disorders with advanced gene therapies

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CNS (Central Nervous System) Disorders

Due to the blood-brain barrier and difficulty in disease modeling, CNS disorders present unique challenges and untapped opportunities for therapeutic innovation
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Immunology Disorders

Understanding the underlying causes of immune related diseases has led to safer, better targeted, and more effective treatments
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Precision biology, tumor sequencing, and combination therapies allow targeted therapies to build upon earlier breakthroughs in immuno-oncology
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Our deep understanding of diverse modalities, combined with deep sciences and deep tech solutions, allows us to design and develop therapeutics that target disease areas with high efficacy and safety. Our focus is on the development of novel therapies that utilize the potential of emerging modalities, including:

Gene and Cell Therapy:

Personalized, targeted treatments to cure or alleviate disease symptoms.
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ASO Therapy:

Use synthetic nucleic acids to silence or regulate gene expression selectively
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Novel Antibodies:

Dual-Targeting Bispecific Antibodies(BsAbs), Nanobodies and Antibody drug conjugates in Modern Therapeutics
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SMOL & bRo5 molecules:

Pass through cell membranes and target specific proteins or enzymes
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Mechanism of Action (MoA)

By comprehending the mechanism of action at various levels – molecular, tissue, and systems – we identify precision targets for development of innovative therapeutic options that address disease symptoms and root causes. Our multiscale approach provides a more precise and detailed understanding of disease pathways, even for new modalities with limited knowledge. We deliver insights into the following aspects of drug design (with our tools):

Target identification:

Molecular understanding for cells, tissues, plasma, intra-cellular insights (RNA, proteins, lysosomal clearance, etc.), GWAS for genetic linkages, and signaling and pathways

Mechanism of action understanding and validation:

Signaling pathways, deeper understanding of promoters, and enhancers through scRNA, Transcriptomics, and ASO

Innovative therapeutic designs:

Complement wet lab methods to help seed generation and optimize innovations in gene cell therapies, mRNA /RNA, advanced antibody engineering (mAbs, ADCs, BiSpecifics, etc.), and ASO using Deep learning and generative designs

Targeted delivery:

Optimization of viral capsids etc., allow delivery of the drug payload to cells/tissues/organs with precision. Deep MoA insights allow finer control of next-generation gene therapies, base, prime editors, etc.

Examples of solutions we have developed for our clients

We are committed to developing cutting edge in silico solutions to address complex drug discovery and development challenges. Through our extensive research and development efforts, we have developed methodologies and frameworks for tackling some of the most pressing issues in this field.

Novel SMOL design and characterization up to clinical stage

Antibody engineering for hard to drug targets

Viral vector design and optimization for advanced cell/gene therapies
Predict responders/non-responders and potential biomarker identification using omics techniques
Optimization of growth media, cell lines, and biological process yields

Disease characterization and therapeutic candidates identification and optimization using advanced molecular techniques

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