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In a few months, Aganitha team uncovered insights that helped scientists who've been working on this for years

– Head of biologics for a large mAb producer

Previous vendor took an year and didn't make it; Aganitha produced an industry leading platform on AWS within a few months

– Head of Comp Bio for a genetics medicine company

No other tech partner understands our work the way Aganitha does

– Head of CMC in a top 5 global pharma

Our case studies

A top 20 global biopharma​

Generative AI powered de novo antibody design for both therapeutic & research use cases

In silico characterization of downstream properties and wet lab validation

Innovative oncology biotech

Generative AI powered de novo and FBDD based SMOL design for oncology targets

In silico characterization of downstream properties and wet lab validation

A leader in genomic medicines

Causal variants identification through functional genomics and single cell studies

Target identification and therapeutic design for multiple splicing disorders

Viral vector design, optimization, and safety studies for gene therapies

Cloud automation, and HPC solutions for biobank scale genomic studies

A top 5 global biopharma

AI powered modeling and Omics based analytics of mAb synthesis to optimize the titer for blockbuster antibody

Quantum Chemistry and AI based models for reaction modeling, catalyst selection, yield prediction, ligand screening and optimization

AI/ML based ADMET modeling using 3D descriptors computed using High Throughput DFT pipelines

Analytics & Modelling of unit operations to help adopt continuous manufacturing in pursuit of increased throughput and cost efficiency

A top 10 global biopharma

Disease studies and patient stratification for auto-immune disorders,analyzing pre-clinical (in vivo) data

Single cell multi-omics and proteo-genomics studies

A medium size biotech focused on adjuvants and infectious diseases

Knowledge management solution to analyze, infer, catalog and search on existing documents

Extraction of details regarding vaccine adverse reactions from unstructured documents into structured data as per regulatory requirements

A life sciences solutions company

Multi-tenant tool to automate the validation phase of the QC process for microbial testing

Colony-Forming Unit (CFU) comparison, Time to Determine (TTR) reading, report generation, analysis and corrective action, compliance and security

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