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Fast track your career while helping biopharma/biotech discover medicines with technology
Data Science, DevOps & Cloud, Visualization & UX, Data Engineering, Biology, Chemistry
Inter-disciplinary skills to tackle complex challenges in drug discovery and development

Be a part of the bio revolution with a new-age techno-science company!

  • Ride the wave of data & computer science transforming the discipline of biology and chemistry.
  • Help biotech/biopharma R&D discover new & improved medicines faster with technology.
  • Work on exciting research and development projects in a collaborative learning and growth environment.

Join us in our growth journey creating a high impact for our global clients while accelerating your career.

We are a new generation in silico company for biopharma

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Opportunities for Technologists

High-throughput Science providing the best value creation opportunities for Data and Computer Scientists

Data Scientists

  • Apply for advances in AI/ML to analyze and extract insights from very large ‘science data sets’
  • PyTorch, Tensorflow, JAX, sklearn, Python and R in Jupyter/Rstudio.

Data Engineer

  • Compare, contrast, and associate patterns in high-volume scientific data
  • Distributed data processing platforms like Spark and knowledge graph datastores like neo4j.

Algo Developers

  • Develop efficient algorithms that help scientists solve problems across drug discovery.
  • Solve a wide variety of problems that are too difficult to be cracked using naive approaches.

Cloud & DevOps Engineers

  • Design and stand-up large compute and storage clouds to process scientific workloads
  • Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud automation.

UX/Data-Visualization Designers

  • Design intuitive, elegant, and guided interfaces
  • Visualizations of high-dimensionality and/or richly annotated data and relationships

Application Developers

  • Realize complex workflows and guided visualizations
  • Server-side programming (Python/Node.js) and UI/Visualization frameworks (JavaScript, React, D3.js).

Opportunities for Computational Scientists

Computational transformation of biopharma processes offering exciting opportunities for biologists and chemists

Computational Biologists

  • Identify new targets through disease studies
  • De novo design, characterization, and optimization of therapeutic candidates
  • Analysis and optimization of bio-synthesis reactions

Computational Chemists

  • Discover new molecules and optimize existing molecules
  • Characterize their structures, properties, interaction, and reactions
  • Leverage techniques across quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, crystal structure prediction, and molecular docking.

Key areas of impact across drug discovery value chain from target discovery & validation to lead generation & optimization

Inspiring and Collaborative Culture

Bring out your best in an agile & motivational environment created by a blend of exuberant youth and thoughtful veterans

Innovation and Research

We embrace the joy of tackling new challenges in multiple disciplines to bring innovative and transformative solutions


Producing world class quality pursuing the highest standards across the board


Ownership culture encouraging professional growth through mentoring; tolerating failure while learning and taking risks


An inclusive, empowering environment open to diverse perspectives


Transparency as a foundation of trusted partnership

Partnership Approach

Listening to customers and taking initiative to also address latent needs; not just being order takers

What our members say about us

Open Positions

We are always looking for good people to join us. If you specialize in AI/ML, DevOps, Data Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Biopharma, and feel that you can make a difference, please reach out to us. We are actively hiring for the following open positions

Full Stack Data Scientist

We are looking for someone who is comfortable with:

  • Deep learning and classical ML methods
  • Model development and serving with PyTorch/TF
  • NLP and Knowledge mining
  • AI/ML Ops pipelining
  • Modular, typed and object-oriented Python programming

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Web Developer

We are looking for someone who is comfortable with:

  • Use case analysis, user analysis, user story development, web design, wire-framing
  • Work on UX to UI design, asset development for web UIs, SCSS/CSS/JS development
  • Work on React-based web application development, GraphQL, and visualization with frameworks such as D3.js

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DevOps & Cloud Engineer

We are looking for someone who is comfortable with:

  • Containerization and container orchestration with Kubernetes and Docker
  • Automated provisioning of infrastructure with code using tools such as Terraform and AWS CloudFormation
  • Work with AWS/GCP platforms and with HPC platforms such as SLURM/SGE
  • Linux systems administration and configuration management
  • Build management, CI/CD pipelining for Python, NodeJS, Java, Go, and C applications
  • Database administration and storage management

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Scientist (Bioinformatics & Computational Biology)

We are looking for someone who is comfortable with:

  • Understand and analyze disease studies, especially the ones associated with genomic disorders
  • Understand and model biotech processes such as the ones used in the production of gene and cell therapies
  • Explore, profile, and visualize bioinformatics datasets
  • Understand and implement genomic data pipelines
  • Define appropriate data models and identify relevant features for AI/ML model development
  • Conduct qualitative analysis of model performance by defining the right data points for testing
  • Develop narratives of data-driven analysis in Omics
  • Effectively articulate and communicate domain knowledge to a cross-functional team. Participate in requirements gathering, design discussions, demos
  • Learn and stay up-to-date on emerging technologies in the field. Research opportunities for the application of AI in the development of emerging therapeutic techniques

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Scientist (Cheminformatics & Computational Chemistry)

We are looking for someone comfortable with:

  • Identify areas of application for AI in Chemistry & related Lifesciences
  • Contribute to the development of AI-based solutions that serve as useful alternates or additions to existing Cheminformatics/computational chemistry methods & tools
  • Leverage chemistry domain knowledge in formulating & interpreting the problem statement, understanding the nuances related to the problem, building a comprehensive methodology for solution development
  • Enrich self as well as the team’s depth of understanding domain-related concepts through extensive reading, research, and communication
  • Develop methods for data mining and performing analysis of large datasets (e.g., ZINC database)
  • Apply the latest advances in AI to develop models (e.g., predicting reaction products, identifying novel reaction pathways, estimating reaction yields, etc)

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Lead Solutions Architect

We are looking for someone who is comfortable with:

  • App dev with modern tech stacks of Python, ReactJS, and fit-for-purpose database technologies
  • Big data engineering with distributed computing frameworks
  • Data modeling in scientific domains, preferably in one or more of Genomics, Proteomics, Antibody engineering, Biological/Chemical synthesis and formulation, Clinical trials management
  • Cloud and DevOps automation
  • Machine learning and AI (Deep learning)

As a Lead Solutions Architect at Aganitha, you will:

  • Engage and co-innovate with customers in BioPharma R&D
  • Design and oversee implementation of solutions for BioPharma R&D
  • Manage Engineering teams using Agile methodologies
  • Enhance reuse with platforms, frameworks, and libraries

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Partnership Manager
We are looking for someone who is comfortable with:
  • Interacting with current and potential partnerships and alliances with vendors strategically to decide and build on solutions.
  • Interest to explore and find partners and perform business negotiations
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Customer Solutions Manager
We are looking for someone who is comfortable with:
  • Blending advances in multiple disciplines such as Omics, Structural Biology, Protein and Antibody Engineering, Computational Quantum Chemistry, AI/ML, and High-performance computing in the Cloud to help our global BioPharma customers accelerate design and development of SMOL, Antibody, Gene, Cell & RNA therapeutics. You will work with research leaders at our customer organizations, identify their needs and build solutions in collaboration with our internal technical and scientific teams.
  • Engaging with customers to apply the latest scientific and technology advances for R&D acceleration, driving revenue growth for Aganitha in the process.
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Product Manager

We are looking for someone with:

Ph.D in Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics (Life Sciences) with a growth mindset

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