Full Stack Data Scientist

Join us and contribute to the discovery of medicines that will impact lives!

Hyderabad, India

About Aganitha

Accelerate drug discovery and development for Biopharma and Biotech R&D with in silico solutions leveraging Computational Biology & Chemistry, High throughput Sciences, AI, ML, HPC, Cloud, Data, and DevOps.

In silico solutions are transforming the biopharma and biotech industries. Our cross-domain science and technology team of experts embark upon and industrialize this transformation. We continually expand our world-class multi-disciplinary team in Genomics, AI, and Cloud computing, accelerating drug discovery and development. What drives us is the joy of working in an innovation-rich, research-powered startup bridging multiple disciplines to bring medicines faster for human use. We are working with several innovative Biopharma companies and expanding our client base globally. Read about how and what solutions we build.

Aganitha (अगणित): “countless” or “limitless” in Sanskrit serves as a reminder and inspiration about the limitless potential in each one of us. Come join us to bring out your best and be limitless!

Key Responsibilities

At Aganitha, you can apply your full-stack data science capabilities to help researchers accelerate:

  • Investigation of human diseases
  • Exploration, design, and optimization of therapeutic options
  • Design, analysis, and optimization reactions – chemical as well as bio syntheses

You will contribute to the following areas of work:

  • Scope, Define, and deliver AI-based data products covering data analysis, visualization, storytelling, and data technologies
  • Build models, algorithms, simulations, and performance evaluation by writing highly optimized, deployable code and using state-of-the-art machine learning technologies
  • Apply NLP techniques for mining knowledge from public and enterprise-proprietary data (structured, unstructured, and semi-structured) to derive insights that will help downstream processes
  • Develop models and serve with PyTorch / Tensor Flow (TF) for deep learning research
  • Translate business requirements into tangible solution specifications and high-quality, on-time deliverables
  • Build solutions for data discovery, data acquisition, data processing & cleaning, data integration & storage & data interpretation
  • Define and manage the process of production using machine learning models through MLOps pipelines for development, continuous integration, continuous delivery, verification & validation, and monitoring of AI/ML models
  • Work with stakeholders to analyze & solve business problems using Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence capabilities & support deployment on a cloud platform
  • Stay abreast of industry trends, innovations, and developments in AI/ML and work with other ML teams to pilot new advances and keep the organisation future-ready

Desired Skills / Expertise

  • Experience and mathematical understanding in one or more of Natural Language Understanding, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Optimisation
  • Experience in effectively building and deploying ML systems using frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, sklearn, etc.
  • Expertise in modular, typed, and object-oriented Python programming
  • Expertise with the core data science languages (such as Python, R, Scala), and familiarity & flexibility with data systems (e.g., SQL, NoSQL, knowledge graphs)
  • Excellent communication skills with a desire to work in multidisciplinary teams

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s / Master’s / Ph.D. candidates in Computer Science or related technical field

Interesting Read

There’s a virtuous cycle of innovation currently underway between Fundamental Sciences (powered by high-throughput robotic automation) and Computer/Data Science and at Aganitha, we are leveraging the same with a multi-disciplinary team that spans all these disciplines.

Want to know more about this? Check out a blog on this topic by one of our co-founders.

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