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Join us and contribute to the discovery of medicines that will impact lives!

Hyderabad, India

About Aganitha

Accelerate drug discovery and development for Biopharma and Biotech R&D with in silico solutions leveraging Computational Biology & Chemistry, High throughput Sciences, AI, ML, HPC, Cloud, Data, and DevOps.

In silico solutions are transforming the biopharma and biotech industries. Our cross-domain science and technology team of experts embark upon and industrialize this transformation. We continually expand our world-class multi-disciplinary team in Genomics, AI, and Cloud computing, accelerating drug discovery and development. What drives us is the joy of working in an innovation-rich, research-powered startup bridging multiple disciplines to bring medicines faster for human use. We are working with several innovative Biopharma companies and expanding our client base globally. Read about how and what solutions we build.

Aganitha (अगणित): “countless” or “limitless” in Sanskrit serves as a reminder and inspiration about the limitless potential in each one of us. Come join us to bring out your best and be limitless!

Key Responsibilities

As a Web Developer at Aganitha, you will engage and co-innovate with R&D teams of our Biopharma clients.

  • Learn new technologies: Our clients trust us to choose the right tech stack to meet their demands. Therefore, we get to test and practice new tech stacks
  • Goes beyond UI development: We have a great deal of flexibility in the application design. We do not develop to meet the requirements; we develop to meet the customer’s needs and desires, even the unstated ones
  • Is continually improving productivity: We automate stuff, including the work we do. We are focused on developing reusable assets for us. We are focused on using the best tools that reduce our effort
  • Participates in end-to-end development: We do not isolate web developers into their silos. We want our UI developers to know a bit about backend, databases, and DevOps
  • Works at understanding the foundations: We believe that good foundations let us learn new technologies faster. We work on ReactJs, however, we want people to have an understanding of vanilla JS as well. We work on tailwind, however, we want people to have an understanding of CSS
  • Document the work: We believe documentation clarifies our intent and brings clarity to the design and implementation
  • Is a team worker: While keeping the focus on productivity and technology, we also deliver solutions on time to customers. That takes teamwork, collaboration, following the standard development methodologies and tools
  • Willingness to put in efforts: We are looking for candidates who have the right attitude and are willing to put the effort

Desired Skills / Expertise

  • Javascript: Basics, Working with strings, DOM manipulation, APIs
  • CSS: Basics, Responsiveness, layouts, fonts, colors, standards
  • Web design and development: Understand, critique, and improve a given website.
  • Reactjs: A definite plus. Components, styling, state

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor Degree in any discipline

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