Rare Disease Day, 2024

Rare Disease Day

Rare diseases affect a staggering 300 million people worldwide. Often genetic in origin, rare diseases demand our attention and support for research. On Rare Disease Day, we highlight the challenges faced by these individuals and the urgent need for solutions. The development of treatments for rare diseases is often hindered by scarce data, limited sample availability, and sample quality issues. Aganitha seeks to play a role in overcoming these obstacles by utilizing AI/ML and in silico methods by partnering with global biotech R&D teams.

Our focus on gene therapy, antisense oligonucleotides, and AI-powered therapeutic optimization allows us to explore novel approaches to overcoming rare diseases. We delve into single-cell data, seeking species translatable biomarkers and insights into disease mechanisms.

It’s a collaborative effort, and our discoveries aim to advance the field for everyone. We’re committed to aiding the scientific community in better understanding rare diseases and pursuing treatments. To learn more about Aganitha’s work on rare diseases, see the rare disease research page on our website.

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